(Hebrew) AURORA NOBILE Fountain Pen


(Hebrew) Aurora pays tribute to the brave Italian aviator and explorer Umberto Nobile (1885-1978). In 1928 he planned and directed the expedition of the Airship Italia, with 16 people on board, with the aim of flying over the North Pole and landing on the ice.

However, during the coming down they crashed to the huge ice block of Artic Glacial Ocean.

The ten survivers had only a radio and a camping tent – which they dyed red with aniline hoping to be seen by rescuers, arrived after 48 days. General Nobile wrote his diary with an Aurora pen.

The Fountain pen

In order to remember the historic enterprise of the Airship Italia, and the great courage of its capitain and crew, Aurora created this elegantr and aerodynamic collection, with a striped ebonite body and cap dressed with precious metals.

This is a safety fountain pen, produced with the original mechnism adopted during the ’20s; the eye dropper filling system is the same as the historical pen used by General Nobile.
18 Kt gold nib.


Product Description

Sorry, this entry is only available in Hebrew.


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