(Hebrew) Montblanc Patron of Art LUDOVICO SFORZA ­‐ DUKE OF MILAN


(Hebrew) The design of the Limited Edition Ludovico Sforza 4810 and 888 cap top and cone is characterised by the striking architecture of the Castello Sforzesco. The black lacquer of the 4810 edition is adorned with ornaments inspired by da Vinci’s ceiling fresco from the “Sala delle Asse” in the Milanese castle.

Ludovico Sforza was born in 1452 as the fourth son of the Milanese duke Francesco Sforza. After being crowned Duke of Milan in 1494, Ludovico promoted humanist education at the University of Milan and commissioned the expansion of the Renaissance Castello Sforzesco. Throughout his reign, Ludovico Sforza supported numerous outstanding artists with commissions at the Milanese court, including the architect Donato Bramante and the greatest genius of his era, Leonardo da Vinci. This universal genius worked for the Duke of Milan for a decade and a half, during which time he created two of his best-­‐known works for his patron: “The Last Supper” in the convent church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and “The Lady with an Ermine”.

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