Lamy 2000


The Lamy 2000*s large rounded barrel is constructed of durable Makrolon, with spring loaded clip in brushed stainless steel. The fountain pen is enhanced with a platinum-plated 14kt gold nib, available in M, F,XF & B, piston fill. A matching rollerball, ball pen and 4-color ball pen are also available. Lamy now presents the 2000 series in a new all-steel model. Never before has stainless steel been shaped to the form and functional perfection of this new masterpiece. The velvet matte surface lends a warm feeling to the material which – combined with perfect balance and weight – creates an exciting and distinct writing experience.

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The series includes a fountain pen with 14 K nib. available in EF,F,M,B. The pen can only be inked from an inkwell. A roller ball with soft writing refill, a ball point pen with push mechanism, a mechanical pencil with 0.5 or 0.7 led. A ball point pen with 4 colored refills, blue , black , green and red.


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ארבעה צבעים, עט כדורי, עט כדורי מעץ “Granadilla wood” שחור, עט נובע גודל F, עט נובע גודל M, עט רולר, עיפרון מכני


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