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עט נובע עם ציפורן העשויה מזהב 23K  ו 950 פלדיום. משאבת “pawer filler” בגוף העט. עט רולר המצוייד במילוי רך ונעים לכתיבה ועט כדורי.

500 יחידות מכל סוג של עט.


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MANHATTAN MAGMA LIMITED EDITION!!! New York City has always been a fountain of inspiration for Visconti. In 1994, Visconti created a pen inspired by Manhattan, with the characteristic shape of many of the city*s skyscrapers stepped appearance, in a material reminiscent of the skyline*s glittery appearance at night. The Visconti Wall Street collection, created in 2003, was likewise inspired in part by the shape of the Financial District*s iconic buildings. After more than 20 years, in an era of great stylistic makeover, Visconti offers a new interpretation of its original project, with a realization of forms and stylistic focus. Like the 1990s Manhattan, which was a very classic form, the new Manhattan Magma has acquired a freshness through the addition of palladium appointments and the repeated steps pattern appearing on all the metallic parts. The black and orange resin body recalls magma coming out of a volcano, another symbol of Visconti. The fountain pen is enhanced with Visconti*s 23kt Palladium nib, available in Fine, Medium and Broad width, and fills only from a bottle via Visconti*s High Vacuum Power Filler. Each Manhattan writing instrument mode is produced in a numbered limited edition of 500 pieces.

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עט כדורי, עט נובע, עט רולר


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