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Introducing a new special edition collection that celebrates Waterman’s French heritage. The elegant black and white design of the collection takes inspiration from the mesmerizing lights of Paris by night and proudly expresses timeless Parisian chiqnes.
Each pen is beautifully coated with a deep black and white lacquer that creates an intense and striking design, in each of waterman’s collections: The Caren Series, the expert series and the New Hampshire series.
Each collection includes a fountain pen, a roller ball pen and a ballpoint pen. The carene series includes a fountain pen with an 18K gold nib.

The Carene Series:
Fountain pen – 1,490 Nis
Roller ball Pen – 1,050 Nis
Ball point Pen – 970 NIS

The expert Series:
Fountain pen – 940 Nis
Roller ball Pen – 790 Nis
Ball point Pen – 690 NIS

The New Hampshire series:
Fountain pen – 540 Nis
Roller ball Pen – 490 Nis
Ball point Pen – 430 NIS

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עט כדורי, עט נובע, עט רולר


סדרת האקספרט, סדרת ההמישפייר, סדרת הקארן


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